Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cloth Diapers

     I've been dealing with my little man's night time wetting and feeling a little forlorn.  Not because he wets, I know he can't help it.  We limit night time liquids and wake him up to potty before we go to bed.  But the disposable pull ups really aren't doing the job.  He and his bed are still soaked 2-3 nights a week.  When he was a baby I was so excited to use cloth diapers.  Not the ones my mother used with pins and plastic diaper covers.  Revolutionary stay dry and look good wearing them pocket diapers.  Fuzzi Bunz and Mommy's Touch were my favorites.  They were so easy!  I really don't think people understand what they would gain (not to mention save $$$) by using them.  Now I need to find a cloth pull along the same idea for him at night.  I would never run out since you wash them in your machine and dry in dryer.  You just put them in a wet bag made from the same leak proof material as the outside of the diaper.  When full just push the whole bag inside out into the washing machine never touching a dirty diaper. 
Fuzzi Bunz

FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diaper in Crushed Berries

 Mommy's Touch


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Noah's Arc Parade

Today was the 40th annual Noah's Arc Parade at my children's school.  Each child was asked to dress up as their favorite animal for the event.  Joshua chose the skunk.  Ok, mommy may have asked him to be a skunk since I thought I could whip up a costume fairly easily and thankfully he was in FULL agreement.  My handsome little Pepe Le Pugh made an adorable skunk, minus the smell. 
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Craft Fair First

     Wow, my first craft fair was more fun than I could have expected.  While I only sold about 10 items, the learning experience was priceless.  Bartlett Hills Baptist is full of unbelievably kind and "on the ball!" volunteers including my doctor Mark Reed and his lovely wife Linda who started and ran the event.  A big thank you to my friend Kim Bomprezzi who introduced me to the church and craft fairs.  She was gracious enough to walk me through the how to's and kept checking on my progress.  Thanks also to my good friend Stacy Biggs for designing and printing my business cards and price tags.  She's the kind of person that inspires you to be better, try harder and see the good in others... a true friend!
   I couldn't have done this with out my family!  My mother was there every step of the way by encouraging me to sew.  Then she helped me set up and kept me company all day Friday.  Best of all she met me Saturday to help and after Cammie and Josh got bored, she took them to the park, McDonald's and Baskin Robbins.  Yep, she's the best mom, role model and grandmother all rolled up in one. 
   My kids were impressed with mommy and enjoyed demonstrating the Crayon Rolls for all to see.  That means, of course, that they each took one for themselves.  Just one of the perks of being my assistants for a short while.  They drew pictures of the owls to display and carried some of the owls around to show them off while checking out all the other goodies the craft fair had to offer. 
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Upcoming Craft Fair!

I'll be there along with many other talented and crafty folks.  Hope to see you, come by and say "Hi"!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wow!  This is the beginning of what will hopefully be an exciting and fun blog for all crafters.  I love to be a very active part of my children's lives as well as learn fresh ideas on how to decorate, cook, sew and raise little ones.   Expect a true blog shortly...once I figure out the technical kinks. 

You can find me at my first craft fair Fri. 10/15 and Sat 10/16 at Bartlett Hills Baptist Church where I'll be selling lots of cute things for kids and adults that I've sewn.  Hope to see you there. 

Please leave me a message here on my blog if you have any questions or orders from the craft fair.

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